A 9 Month long project with Framestore’s Design Studio, I worked on National Geographic’s groundbreaking six-part global event series MARS, which premiered worldwide on Sunday 13th November.
I worked closely with Framestore’s wider VFX team, producers at Imagine Entertainment, RadicalMedia and the series’ visionary Director, Everardo Gout, to deliver UI screens for the VFX-heavy futuristic drama.
I Art Directed and lead the design for the content for the screens on show in the futuristic series.
Work was broken into two phases pre and post and production with over 700 screens delivered for the show. 80 screens alone were designed for on set in for Mission Control as well as screens for the space ship “Daedalus” and the Mars rover.

Project Stats

Total Number of Plates
Screens for Pre-production
Post Plates


UI Art Direction and design
Nawaz Alamgir

Additional design and animation
Steven Kelly, Dan Herlihy

Design Producer
Niamh O’Donohoe

Mars Director
Everardo Gout